Owned and operated by local first responders

NC Exterior Solutions

We are a licensed and fully insured company specializing in commercial and residential exterior cleaning.

Serving The Greater Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

About NC Exterior Solutions

NC Exterior Solutions is owned and operated by your local off duty firefighters. We figured we were experienced with water and hoses, and created this power washing company to continue serving the greater Raleigh and surrounding areas when off duty.  We offer both residential, and commercial power washing and soft washing services.

Commercial Services

Commercial Power Washing

The go-to power washing option if you wish to have the exterior of your business cleaned. 

Commercial Concrete Surface cleaning

When you own a brick and mortar business you may also own the space around your business. These high traffic areas can get discolored over time. Our concrete surface cleaning will take care of those discolored areas. 

Commercial Roof Soft Washing

Soft washing is used for the more delicate areas that cannot withstand power washing or pressure washing. 

Residential Services

Residential Power Washing

This is great for cleaning up the exterior of your home. Giving your home the appearance of being brand new! Who wouldn’t want that?

Residential Concrete Surface Cleaning

If you have any concrete on your property you  may have forgotten the original color. That’s where we come in. Restoring that brand new concrete look and feel.

Residential Roof Soft Washing

Used for those delicate areas of your roof. Our soft washing is great for your roof to get rid of dirt and grime without causing damage. 

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